Made with heart, served with love – in beautiful downtown Cable, WI

Daryl and Krista Christenson

Owners of the Velo Café

Hi! We are Daryl and Krista Christenson, owners of the Velo Café. We purchased the café in December 2020. Our goal is to provide great food, made from scratch with love.

We source quality ingredients, local or regionally grown whenever possible. Our menu changes over twice a year to provide flavors more suited to the seasons. We strive to provide great customer service and a warm community feeling.

Other things to know about the Velo:

  • Our juices are only made with organic fruits and vegetables. We try to have juices available daily, but we get our organic produce every other week and sometimes we run out of ingredients.
  • Our espresso drinks take time to make. We have dialed in our espresso shots to give you the best flavor out of the beans every time you order.
  • We make all of our syrups from scratch and add them to drinks by weight – no pumps here.
  • Our smoothie recipes are dialed in for the best flavor possible. We use fresh/frozen fruits and greens and source quality add-ins. Feel free to omit something if it does not suit you.
  • Our soups are only available in the cooler winter months. We slice and dice all the ingredients to make them and have a bit more time to do so in the less busy winter season.

Velo Organic Produce Buying Club

Every other week (usually) we place an order with Coop Partners out of the Twin Cities. This is our main supplier for the organic produce we use. By inviting the community to participate in the order, we are assured to meet the case minimums to have a delivery. There is no weekly obligation or order minimum.

If interested, email the café. Your name will be added to a group list (always sent out as a BCC). The week an order will be placed, you will be sent a list of the available produce items. By responding with your “wish list”, you are committing to purchase those items upon delivery here to the café. We tally all items to place the order.

Depending on warehouse availability, all of your “wish list” items will be put together in a crate for pick-up at the café.

Further details can be provided if you are interested…Just email us!

Velo Organic Produce Buying Club